Speaker Presentation LTG-50: Sanna Lindkvist

Sanna Lindkvist, UX Manager Visma Software SMB division.

Lightning Talk: The power of collaboration

How to adapt design principles in your organization

Speaker Presentation LTG-50: Karl Petter Hjelmer

Karl Petter Hjelmer från GoBrave är beteendevetare med erfarenhet inom webbutveckling, webbdesign, entreprenörsskap, tjänstedesign, digitalisering och affärsutveckling.

Affärsutveckling för innovation och tillväxt genom självinsikt

Karl Petter kommer berätta om sina insikter från frustrerad intraprenör, till inspirerad entreprenör, ledare och affärsutvecklare.
Finns fröet till er kommande storhetstid eller framtida värsta konkurent inne i er organisation utan att ni vet om det?

Speaker Presentation LTG-50: Linda Svahn

Linda is a team manager and a agile coach working at Visma Spcs in Växjö. She helps and inspire teams in Visma to work more efficient in our processes, delivering high customer value working with tools like Impact Mapping and Story Mapping.

Build the right things! Think beyond the software feature and focus on what might have an impact!

Linda will give you a short introduction to Impact Mapping. Impact Mapping is a fast and easy way to get a common understanding about goals and what impacts to focus on together the team and stakeholders.

Speaker presentation LTG-50: Alexander Krause

Alexander is a self-employed agile coach from Germany, his focus is human interaction. He helps people to understand the difference between complicated and complex.

Everybody is needed, everybody is welcome!
How to transform an organization with open space technology?

Work on the system not on the people! But who is in charge to change the system? Is it the management, ScrumMasters as change agents or even everybody?
Alexander will explain the success factors of open spaces becoming the engine for agile and digital transformations, how to speed up and make a change within months and not years.