LTG-47 i Stockholm: Presentationer

Här är presentationer från Lean Tribe Gathering 47 i Stockholm 12 april 2018.

1. Carl Starendal – Pragmatic usage of SAFe to evolve company culture

2. Jimmy Sjölund – How learning to collaborate led to customer success

3. Peter Bernhardsson – Leading up to a reset and the first steps after

Speaker Presentation LTG-47: Birgitte Bonnesen

Birgitte Bonnesen is the CEO at Swedbank.

Why and What – Next steps in our agile journey

Our surroundings are changing and so do we. How do we respond to changes more quickly? How does changes impact our way of working?
Birgitte Bonnesen will talk about Swedbank’s agile journey and what steps the bank is taking in order to grow agility.

Speaker Presentation LTG-47: Carl Starendal

Carl Starendal is a SAFe Program Consultant Trainer and a contributor to the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe). He is an experienced Lean-Agile leader, having served as a Lean-Agile coach at one of the world’s largest retailers and also been a key part of several multinational Lean-Agile transformations across a diverse range of industries spanning both software and hardware products and services. He frequently speaks about leadership and Lean-Agile transformations. Carl is also the original creator of the SAFe RTE certification course.

Pragmatic usage of SAFe to evolve company culture

I will share my practical experience from using the SAFe framework as a pragmatic way to evolve company culture. I will share some learnings that come from successes well as from mistakes.

Speaker presentation LTG-47: Johan Pettersson

Johan Pettersson is a solution manager at Trygghansa, driving the development for our online channel. With a genuine passion for agile Johan is focusing on increasing efficiency and our way of working on a daily basis.

Towards an agile organization

In a large traditional hierarchy based organization, what can you do to become more agile? In this session I will tell our story, how Trygghansa has started the agile journey.


Speaker Presentation LTG-47: Jimmy Sjölund

Jimmy Sjölund is a senior IT service manager and innovation coach at Telia Company, where he’s focused on organizational development and exploring agile and lean workflows. He is also an Open Organization Ambassador.

How learning to collaborate led to customer success

Our customer was frustrated. Our team was stressed. Adopting a more open and agile method for working together changed all that.

Speaker Presentation LTG-47: Peter Bernhardsson

Peter Bernhardsson is an Agile Coach with a background in both large finance organisations and small product companies. Peter believes mindset is key and love uncovering better ways of getting awesome results.

Leading up to a reset and the first steps after

How do you know when it’s time to change? What’s the first steps in doing so? In this talk Peter will share his story and the background of how SEB started their agile transformation.