Speaker Presentation LTG-45: Thomas Lönnegren

Thomas Lönnegren has a decade of experience in the discipline of decision theory and prioritization.
It is a very exciting area and the challenges are similar, regardless if it is about requirements in a backlog, projects in an IT-organization or marketing activities in the marketing organization. Since there are many stakeholders with different objectives, it is often a difficult task to find a common ground to define what is important.

One of the topics for this day is how to manage the ever-growing backlog. Thomas will provide you with some tools and techniques to manage this challenge and also how to collaborate with the different stakeholders to reach a common conclusion.
At the end of the day, it is critical for an extended team to share the same view of what is important and what is just noise.
We will also talk about the Pareto principle, how to identify the vital few from the trivial many.
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