Talarpresentation LTG-43: Thomas Arts

Thomas Arts, co-founder and CTO of Quviq, has a background as researcher in academia. As a professor at Chalmers, he joined up with prof. John Hughes to found Quviq. Quviq is innovating in the area of software testing; in particular automatic generation of test cases. Among other successes, this technique is heavily used within the telecom and automotive industry, for example for testing 5G base stations and AUTOSAR standard software.

Automatic test case generation

Software development projects easily put 50% of the budget in software testing as a way to guarantee some quality of the final product.

The last decennia a lot of innovation in forms of languages, modelling tools, and agile processes have made software development more cost effective. But software testing has in most companies not changed since the 1970-ies. With the increasing complexity of software products, testing need to innovate if reasonable quality is to be guaranteed. Manually crafting test cases is insufficient.

The solution is to generate test cases automatically from a specification. This, however, requires a change in the view on testing. No longer should one search for a few examples that demonstrate the system to work, one should specify how the software should behave under all circumstances. This is quite challenging in the beginning, but rewarding when mastered. In a large project for the local automotive industry, we showed a factor of 10 more efficiency in detecting faults. This means more work to fix those issues up-front, but the end result is more customer satisfaction through higher quality.

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