Speaker Presentation LTG-45: Leo Nilsson

Leo joined iZettle in 2013 as part of the Expansion Team. At that point in time iZettle was roughly 70 people, all about face-to-face card payments for small businesses and the focus was launching the service to new markets. Leo later transitioned into and took part in building what today is the iZettle Product Management function. Today iZettle is a 500+ employee company, live in 12 markets, in a state of rapid growth and has a significantly expanded product portfolio. Since one year Leo holds the position as Chief Product Officer. Prior to iZettle Leo worked in the Financial Services industry.

Customer Context – what a B2B-product like iZettle can highlight about the many layers of customer problems.

Understanding the problems of your customer rarely stops at collecting, analysing and listening to direct feedback about your Product. While this input is of course core – another key element is to gain a deeper understanding of the context within which your customer live her life. Working with iZettle which is a B2B-product quite clearly highlights this problem since a successful Product Manager not only needs to understand the direct customer (the small business-owner) but also the customer of the customer. To solve the biggest issues of an iZettle-customer you need to take a clear view on consumer behaviour – so the full context becomes significantly larger. This is a pretty big task and we are not saying that we are nailing it – but we do try.

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