Talarpresentation LTG-44: Erik Starck

Erik Starck helps organisations build products that make their customers and employees happy. Together with co-founder Peter Berggren he runs the company Lean Forward AB on a quest to create organisations that are constantly learning and can transform that learning into value in pursuit of a purpose. In other words: build darn good products that makes the world better. They do this as consultants while building a tool that supports meaningful learning: 10x Tool.

Lean Forward

A prototype should be made to test an unvalidated assumption. In other words, it can be seen as a question in search of an answer. Questions such as ”can we build it?”, ”should we build it?”, ”what is the reaction of people when we’ve built it?” and even ”do we want to build it?”. In order to make that question as meaningful and clear as possible it’s important to understand what answer you are actually looking for. This talk gives some helpful tools for sharpening the question you want the prototype to help you answer and thus making it as valuable as possible.

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