Call for speakers – Lean Tribe Gathering 47 in Stockholm 12/4

Main theme: Resetting for Agile
Sponsor: Swedbank

The world is changing and Agile approach doesn’t focus only on IT departments anymore, but wants to treat organizations as a whole. Going Agile brings a change to the company and more often it requires transformation of every part in the organization. That’s the moment when one may ask – is it better to go step by step or should we make a ‘reset’?
This time on our Lean Tribe Gathering we would like to talk how it is to ‘reset’ way of working and build from the beginning in an existing and working environment. Our speakers will share their experiences and examples of how to build a culture and new way of governance. We will discuss possible challenges and what we can do in a situation of reluctance. And try to answer question: is reset the only way?

We hope that we can get speakers that have any experiences or interesting points regarding issues like these or other similar challenges in Lean- and Agile organizations. You can propose yourself, someone you know, or someone you have heard of – the only thing we need is a name and an emailaddress


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