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Nytt Nummer av Lean Magazine – Huvudtema: Change

Ett nytt nummer av Lean Magazine, Skandinaviens ledande tidning om Lean & Agile, har kommit ut. Det är det 15:e numret sedan starten och huvudtema denna gång är ”Change”.   Ur innehållet: Lean Change Management – Intervju med Jason Little Creating Value in a transforming world Open Participatory Organization – Intervju med Bonnitta Roy Kaikaku […]

Speaker Presentation LTG-45: Tobias Fors

Tobias Fors is a partner at consulting company Citerus since the year 2000. He has the completely made up title ”full stack management consultant” and spends his days teaching and consulting with Swedish software developing organizations. Dancing in the stairs – how to help business and development stop talking past each other Effective agile collaboration […]

Speaker Presentation LTG-45: Anna Larsen

Anna joined the Project Management Office at NetEnt 2014 – at a point when the agile transformation intensified and challenged the traditional way of working. Anna thus ended up on a transformation journey where she had to balance the need for certain structures demanded by laws and regulations and the development team’s passion for Agile/Lean […]

Speaker Presentation LTG-45: Katarzyna Godlewska

Katarzyna is an agile coach with long experience in testing from the game development world. Currently working in Softhouse as an consultant in roles of a Scrum Master and an Agile Coach for insurance, financial and e-commerce companies, thrives to help as many organizations as possible to become agile. Managing for quality. Many organizations see […]

Speaker Presentation LTG-45: Thomas Lönnegren

Thomas Lönnegren has a decade of experience in the discipline of decision theory and prioritization. It is a very exciting area and the challenges are similar, regardless if it is about requirements in a backlog, projects in an IT-organization or marketing activities in the marketing organization. Since there are many stakeholders with different objectives, it […]

Speaker Presentation LTG-45: Leo Nilsson

Leo joined iZettle in 2013 as part of the Expansion Team. At that point in time iZettle was roughly 70 people, all about face-to-face card payments for small businesses and the focus was launching the service to new markets. Leo later transitioned into and took part in building what today is the iZettle Product Management […]

Speaker Presentation LTG-45: Jeanette Jealmo and Peter Horvath

Jeanette och Peter har mellan sig 28 års erfarenhet av agilt arbete på stora och små bolag. Duon kommer med erfarenhet av agila transformationer inom läkemedel-, bank-, försäkring- och datorspels-branschen. De är vana föreläsare och utbildare inom bl. a. ledarskap och Scrum. För närvarande Jobbar Jeanette på Swedbank som agil coach och Peter på FEO […]

Call for Speakers – Lean Tribe Gathering 45 in Stockholm

Lean Tribe Gathering 45 in Stockholm Oct 5th 2017 Main theme: Product Management Sponsor: iZettle Developing a business in an agile way is not only about developing products, but about improving the entire company so that all parts of the business have a more effective collaboration together and can respond to the changing market quickly. […]

Talare LTG-42: Samuel Alexandersson

Samuel Alexandersson var en hygglig pingistalang som numera analyserar trender inom automation med fokus på mobila robotar. Han ansvarar för hur Kollmorgen tar produkter och tjänster till marknaden. Mobila robotar i e-handel Den exponentiella utvecklingen inom e-handeln drivs av kunder som ställer nya krav på leverantörer. Många av dessa bolag växer så att det knakar […]