Talarpresentation LTG-49: Johanna Torstensson

Johanna Torstensson is an Agile coach at Telenor and member of the Agile coaching team dedicated to facilitate Telenor´s way to true agility. She has over 18 years of experience in software development within area of change management, and is for the past years devoted to coaching individuals and teams in Agile mindset and practices at Telenor.

Aligning teams with company goals and strategy using Objective and Key Results (OKRs)

Inspired by Google and other companies, Telenor is trying out the collaborative goal setting system Objective and Key Results (OKRs). This to align team´s daily work with company goals and strategy, for every team member to know they are working on the right thing to bring value to the customers. Johanna will give you a brief introduction to OKRs, how to write them and share experiences.

Talarpresentation LTG-49: Maciej Gudan

Interim Manager and co-founder of IT recruitment and outstaffing company. Lived and worked in different countries, holding wide range of IT roles. As VP Engineering and CTO set up, scaled and improved several distributed Agile organisations and tens of teams, defined technical strategies, delivered software products, recruited and coached IT people. Worked with several startups as well as corporations.

Lightning Talk: Too rigid or too flexible: psychology

There is a thin line, between being too rigid or too flexible with Agile, a conflict between business and delivery. How do you know if you crossed the line? Does it depend on the context? Or maybe the conflict is inevitable part of the success? I will speak about people, not the process.

Talarpresentation LTG-49: Johan Carnegård

Johan Carnegård har arbetat med att utforma användarupplevelsen för en rad olika företag och produkter, från marknadens första smartphones till system för kundservice. Idag jobbar han på Softhouse Consulting i Karlskrona.


Johan kommer prata om UX och om vikten av att se till användarnas behov och önskemål samt kopplingen till den effekt som en organisation önskar med digitalisering.

Talarpresentation LTG-49: Johan Brodin

Johan Brodin has for the last 18 years worked within software development for companies such as Intel, Nokia, Sennheiser and SInch in Germany, Denmark and Sweden. He has been responsible for several agile transformations and is responsible for the SaaS solution Predictable Agile for Jira.

Implementing Lean Agile at SInch

Case study on how to significantly improve efficiency, predictability and output in your software development. And how to answer the question “When are you done?”